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Medical Billing
Fire | EMS | Ambulance

Tactical Business Group provides billing services tailored to each of our public safety partners. We promise to provide personal and expert attention to ensure timely reimbursement in an effort to maximize the success of each program.  

Our billing services extend beyond traditional base rate + mileage reimbursement programs. We provide ambulance, EMS, fire, and rescue billing services for a wide array of agencies across several states.

Learn how you can optimize the revenue recovery of your agency! 

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Grant Writing & Cost Reporting

Over $800 Million Secured in Public Safety Revenues

  • Cost Reports
    Cost Report Preparation Services From Industry Experts Who Have Led GEMT/ASSPP/PEMT Programs
  • Grants
    Grant Application and Program Design for All Public Safety Initiatives
  • Alternative Funding Sources
    Maximization of Public Revenue Streams

Stress Free Pricing Options

We tailor our pricing options to your projects. We offer flexibility to ensure that no project is too large for your budget to handle!


No Obligations
Business Structuring
General Consulting


No Hidden Charges
Medical Billing
Cost Reporting
Feasibility Studies


No Retainer & No Risk
Grant Applications
Grant Program Design
Project Management
Revenue Enhancement

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