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Medical Billing

Tactical Business Group offers ambulance, EMS, and fire billing services for first response agencies who want to maximize their reimbursements and minimize cost - while retaining the highest level of service.

Tactical Business Group utilizes Zoll Billing, Zoll's new cloud-based billing software! Schedule a demo - we would love to show you around!

Our Billing Program Offers:

- Seamless Importation of Files From ANY ePCR Software
- Streamlined Coding With Compliance Verification
- Maximized HIPAA Compliance Through Encrypted Cloud Storage of PHI
- Customizable Month-End Reports, Tailored to Your Needs
- Unrestricted Access to Your Agency's Billing Portal
- Billing Protocols That Are Custom Fit to Your Needs

Ambulance Billing

We provide customized ambulance billing services designed to meet the needs of our public safety providers while remaining fully compliant with all local, city, state, and federal regulations – including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Each Patient Care Report (PCR) is thoroughly evaluated by our Certified Ambulance Coders to ensure the appropriate charges are billed, providing you with the maximum legal reimbursement level.

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  • EMS Integration

    Our billing software automates ePCR uploading processes and is able to import files from ANY ePCR software!

  • Fire & Rescue Itemizations

    Our billing practices don't stop short with simple base rate + mileage reimbursements - our billing itemization maximizes your revenue!

  • Revenue Optimization

    Our pricing ensures that you are not overcharged for billing services. Our dedication to quality ensures you the maximum legal reimbursement while delivering the best personalized approach to customer and patient satisfaction!

  • FireMed Membership Programs

    We understand the importance of community and will partner with you in extending to your members peace of mind!

  • Quality Assurance

    Our team continually reviews accounts to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance.

    We create and regularly update policies not only for our internal processes, but for processes specific to our clients along with training for our Billing team.

Grants & Cost Reports

Tactical Business Group offers proven industry expertise across numerous financial platforms and is here to assist in the application and participation of a variety of state and federal grants and reimbursement programs.

We've assisted clients from coast to coast by securing millions of dollars in revenue through the participation of a variety of programs including Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) Programs, Ambulance Services Supplemental Payment (ASSPP) Programs, Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) Programs, the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Tool, and many others.

We're currently accepting new clients, give us a call for a free quote! We will gladly provide you with references from agencies who have sought help from us with a program that you're interested in.

Private Investigation

Tactical Business Group serves as a licensed (DPSST) and insured private investigation firm, utilizing several staff members with current and prior military and civilian law enforcement careers.

Our investigation services have been tailored to provide key expertise with the hiring of civil service members, such as firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical personnel.

Our staffing services begin with the application of grants for our client's hiring needs, and concluding with the completion of a comprehensive DPSST compliant background investigation process that includes a thorough final report from our investigators, and all of the documents needed to officially onboard your new personnel.


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